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You were always curious what our office building looks like from the inside? Now it's your chance to find out!

Children at the ski course with mascot Pitzi at Hochzeiger

What actually happens behind the scenes at a ski school? What does the everyday life of a ski instructor look like? Our team colleagues Chantal and Anna had the chance to get a taste of the everyday life of a ski instructor at the Hochzeiger ski…

Speech by Hannes

In the past few months, not only our employees at Waldhart Software have been full of energy, but also numerous craftsmen and other helpers - because our office space has been expanded!

What to do in an emergency? Some of our staff members refreshed their first aid skills last week at the emergency workshop and practised the correct procedures as a team in emergency situations.

Portrait of Anna and Hanna

Today we introduce our two youngest members of the WS team: Anna Reindl and Hanna Waldhart joined the customer service team in October and are already lending a hand in this season's support. We asked around and found out a few interesting things…

Employee extinguishing a fire

On October 6, an important date was scheduled for our team: the fire protection training at the Tyrolean Fire Brigade School!

Group photo of the leadership team at the JW Summit 2022

​​​​​​​From September 1st to 3rd the JW-Summit 2022 took place in Graz and Waldhart Software was there for you!

Team Waldhart Software at the Schwarzensee in Salzkammergut

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Waldhart Software we went to the Salzkammergut to celebrate our successes in the past years.

Isabella Reichhalter

She joined WS as head of the web department and marketing. Today, her vision and neutral perspective as a non-technical person make her a valuable integrator in the WS leadership team.

Isabella is currently on her second parental leave, but was…

Andreas Raich

Andreas Raich has already joined the WS team in February 2020. The computer science student is eagerly working on the further development of our core product WS Sports. Learn more about Andreas and his ambition.

Natalie Höpperger training

The powerlifter from Rum has been with Waldhart Software since February. She refreshes the development team with her cheerfulness and eagerness to learn.

We present Natalie Höpperger, what she does with us and why she is so good at it, you can read…

Greetings from Fischi's Ski School to Waldhart Software

These days the letter carrier rang several times and surprised us with very special packages from our customers.