Virtual WS Tour

You were always curious what our office building looks like from the inside? Now it's your chance to find out!

In the beginning everything started in a small basement office... WS has developed and grown dramatically since.

In 2011 our company moved into an old tannery in Pfaffenhofen, in which we have expanded on a regular basis (2016, 2018) as our company grows and more and more parts of the old bulding get renovated to provide more office space for our 27 employees.

Only in january our latest addition of offices was solemnly celebrated and our consultants as well as Hannes and Isabella are really happy with their new and modern workplaces.

A groupe of students from the IT branch at HAK Imst has developed and drawn up a 3D model of our office building with Unity, which opens up the possibility for YOU to take a virtual tour through Waldhart Software.

Have fun and stay curious!

PS: Can you find all hidden easter eggs?

Please use your computer to experience this tour.