A community of ski schools

Our Focus: Shared Growth

Our customers are actually partners, as we adhere to our guiding principles of mutual respect and the desire to grow together. This philosophy led to the formation of the WS Community. As our partner, you become an integral part of the WS Community. What sets us apart is not only our focus on exceptional products and services but also our close partnership with you.

Your Voice Matters

We recognize that you can offer valuable insights and experiences that contribute to the advancement of our products. Your opinion holds value, and we highly value your involvement in shaping our solutions. Through discussions on proven models and innovative approaches, we collaborate to uncover solutions that propel us all forward.


It's important to us that you have the opportunity to learn not only from us but also from other ski schools. Therefore, we provide diverse avenues for you to connect and interact with like-minded individuals. Our regular webinars, training sessions and events are exclusively tailored for members of the WS Community. This is where you have the chance to establish valuable connections, share experiences, and gain fresh insights. We firmly believe in our ability to learn from one another and to be stronger together.

In addition to professional exchanges, we also ensure that fun is not overlooked. Within the WS Community, you'll encounter individuals who face similar challenges as you do.

Become a part of the WS Community

Do you have a small ski school with just a few regular instructors or do you see yourself as a leading player in the industry? We will find the right solution for you.

WS Days

The WS Days are a special occasion when we spend several days together socialising and enjoy a varied programme of events that includes everyone.

Our Achievements: Insights into Our Projects

Numerous ski schools in Austria and Switzerland work with our solutions. Our software solutions are also familiar to companies outside the German-speaking Alpine region.