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We don’t just give you tips on which software products are right for your ski school. We also help you with search engine optimisation and email marketing.

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Newsletter editorial plan for your ski school 

Do you want to build long-term loyalty with your guests and keep them informed about important updates regarding your ski school? Newsletters are a great way to establish a valuable customer relationship and keep your guests excited about your diverse offerings season after season. Your ski instructors will also appreciate it when you occasionally think of them and maintain contact.

Anyone who has ever written a newsletter or brainstormed exciting ideas for the next email campaign probably knows that a truly great newsletter doesn't write itself. It takes time, creativity, and planning to consistently capture your customers' inboxes with compelling newsletters.

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When was the last time you looked for a business in the Yellow Pages? It must have been a while ago, right? Today, thanks to Google and Co., you can search the whole world for information, offers and services - from the comfort of your PC or smartphone. In order for Internet search engines like Google to find your website and list it as high up as possible, it is not enough to have an attractively structured and well-designed web presence. With the help of search engine optimisation (SEO), we ensure that the ranking of your website and thus its visibility improves. 

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