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Newsletter marketing for your ski school.

Do you want to build long-term loyalty with your guests and keep them informed about important updates regarding your ski school? Newsletters are a great way to establish a valuable customer relationship and keep your guests excited about your diverse offerings season after season. Your ski instructors will also appreciate it when you occasionally think of them and maintain contact.

Anyone who has ever written a newsletter or brainstormed exciting ideas for the next email campaign probably knows that a truly great newsletter doesn't write itself. It takes time, creativity, and planning to consistently capture your customers' inboxes with compelling newsletters.

Newsletter idea pool

We've brainstormed how we can best support you in newsletter marketing and have developed a comprehensive editorial calendar for the entire year – complete with well-crafted content on various topics and occasions!

 Are you implementing Dynamic Pricing in your ski school? Perfect, we'll tailor the selected newsletters to match your new pricing strategy and actively communicate it. Your guests will be optimally informed about the new pricing model and encouraged to book early.

Autumn (September • October • November)

Dynamic pricing: Book your ski course now & get a great price

  • Dynamic pricing explained
  • How to benefit from the new pricing model: book early and save money
  • Link to online shop

4 reasons why your child should learn to ski

  • Children pick up skiing quickly and effortlessly.
  • Learning the right technique from the start.
  • The best foundation for other sports.
  • Fun, excitement, and new friendships.
  • (Introduction to instructional videos)

My Ski School Busy Book: Look - marvel - discover the ski school

  • Introducing the Ski School Hidden Object Book: The new favourite book for little skiers 
  • Link to the article in the online shop (as a gift idea)
  • Prize draw: We are giving away three busy books among all online bookings for the winter season (optional) 
  • Top offers for little ski beginners

From what age can children learn to ski?

  • There is no set minimum age for children to start skiing. 
  • Recommendation: from about 3 to 4 years.
  • Private lessons are also possible earlier. 
  • (Reference to taster course).
  • Link to top offers for children beginners. 
  • Why a ski course at the ski school is worthwhile. 

3 good reasons for a private skiing lesson

  • Quick & time-flexible
  • Tailored to your skills / your needs
  • The personal touch

Anticipation for the new season

  • Online shop open
  • Advantages of online booking
  • Top offers
  • Early bird discount

Why snowboarding is cooler than skiing

  • Why is a snowboard course worthwhile? 
  • Advantages of snowboarding
  • Link to snowboarding offers from the ski school
  • Fun fact about snowboarding

Equipment tips for the perfect descent

  • Skiing packing list
  • Equipment tips
  • Rental introduction

Skating vs. classic: Which cross-country skiing style suits me?

Answers to frequently asked questions from guests about cross-country skiing:

  • What is the difference between classic and skating cross-country skiing techniques?
  • How does the trail differ between the two styles?
  • Can I also skate with classic cross-country skis and vice versa?
  • Which technique is best to start with? 
  • Link to cross-country skiing private course / group course
  • (reference to hire)

Why taking a ski course is worthwhile for advanced skiers

  • Technique training
  • Fun in a group
  • Individualized training in private lessons
  • Carving training

Cross-country skiing made easy: tips for beginners

  • Basic tips for cross-country skiing beginners to make it easier to get started.
  • Information on technique, clothing and trails. 
  • Link to cross-country skiing offers in the online shop. 

Newsletter for ski instructors: Before the season

  • Ski instructors wanted! Join (or rejoin) our team today
  • Call to get in touch

 Winter (December • January • February)

Vouchers as the perfect Christmas gift for winter sports fans

  • Value and/or product voucher
  • Print@Home vouchers with personal dedication

4 New Year's resolutions for 2024

  • Test the latest ski
  • Book a private course
  • Try a new winter sport
  • Find happiness on just one board

Wish list to Santa Claus

The ski school team's wishes to Santa Claus have come true:

  • Best conditions for skiing (Link to webcams)
  • The entire ski instructor family is reunited, everyone is highly motivated and looking forward to it
  • (If there is a rental/shop): Santa Claus has placed some great skis under the tree, ready for you to test them out

Insider tip "January blues"

  • Our tip for all those seeking peace and quiet
  • Plenty of space on the slopes, short waiting times and top conditions.
  • How about a grandparents-grandchildren ski day?

Alternatives to skiing on winter holidays

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Telemark
  • Snowshoeing
  • Ski touring

How to stay safe in deep snow

  • Good preparation & respect for area closures
  • Check the avalanche report
  • Avalanche emergency equipment for off-piste riders 
  • Book a guide / mountain guide

Which winter sports type are you?

Funny quiz related to skiing

  • Sun worshipper
  • Nerd
  • Prosecco Queen / King
  • The Social
  • Influencer

All snowboard beginners make these 3 mistakes

  • Almost all snowboard beginners struggle with these problems: developing a feel for balance, riding a drag lift, securing your snowboard properly during breaks
  • Helpful tips for your next snowboard adventure
  • Links to snowboarding offers from the ski school

Ski equipment rental: 5 good reasons

  • Current equipment
  • Adaptation to ability
  • Cost savings
  • Convenient arrival
  • Test before you buy

Link to rental & top offers

Love cross-country skiing & stay healthy

Emphasizing the health aspects of cross-country skiing:

  • natural full-body workout
  • Reduce stress & strengthen the immune system
  • Fill up on vitamin D outdoors
  • Link to cross-country skiing private course / group course
  • (reference to rental)

FIS rules: Test your knowledge with our quiz!

Are you ready for the piste? Although there is no driving licence for snow sports, there are still a few rules to follow on the slopes.

  • Test your knowledge of the FIS rules (questions and answers). 
  • Link to the ski school's online shop.

 Spring (March • April • May)

That's why skiing is best in spring!

  • Fantastic piste conditions & more space
  • Longer ski days promise more skiing fun
  • Sunshine & warmer temperatures

3 tips for a sustainable ski day

  • Rent ski equipment
  • Use public transport to get to the ski resort
  • Eating local food 

Powder adventures: ski tours for beginners

  • Selection of suitable beginner tours from the region. 
  • The basics of ski touring for beginners.
  • Experience report from a ski touring beginner and tips for a successful start.
  • Links to ski touring and ski guiding offers. 

With us, Frau Holle is working overtime

  • Easter skiing
  • Webcams
  • Special offers

Thank you for the season

  • Thank you for visiting the ski school
  • Link to Google review
  • Follow us on Instagram and Facebook
  • Summer programme hint

Newsletter for ski instructors: After the season

  • Thank you for your efforts
  • Review of the season

How to store your ski equipment properly over the winter

How to ensure that your ski equipment remains in the best possible condition while it goes into hibernation:

  • Cleaning your ski equipment
  • Care and maintenance
  • Storage location and storage
  • Information on professional service offers

Anti-stress tip: Sport and nature as the ideal way to cope with stress

The benefits of sport for stress management:

  • Release of endorphins and improvement of mood
  • Reducing feelings of anxiety and improving sleep
  • Combination of sport and nature: suggestions for outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, cycling (depending on what the ski school offers). 
  • Community and group sports: benefits of social interaction during sports and in nature

Summer (June • July • August)

Dynamic pricing: Beat the heat – book a ski course!

  • Dynamic pricing explained
  • How to benefit from the new pricing model: book early and save money
  • Link to online shop

After the season is before the season!

  • Presentation of the summer programme

Well equipped for the bike season

  • Packing list and equipment tips for your day tour
  • What should be in your backpack?

3 reasons for an (e-)bike technique course

Ready to ride? But safely!

  • Increased safety with a professional technique course
  • Confident handling of my (e-)bike
  • More riding fun

Well equipped for the hiking season

  • Packing list and equipment tips for your mountain adventure
  • Well packed is half hiked: What should be in your rucksack?

Fit on the piste: How to ski longer and avoid injuries

Tips on physical preparation for the ski season to ensure longer skiing and injury prevention.

  • Strength training and fitness
  • Flexibility and stretching
  • Balance and coordination 
  • Ski-specific exercises 
  • Reference to professional offers from the ski school

Bikeverleih: 4 gute Gründe

  • Qualitative Auswahl an modernen Bikes, die immer perfekt gewartet werden
  • Professionelle Beratung unserer Bike-Profis
  • Vor dem Kauf testen
  • Kein mühsamer Transport der Bikes in den Urlaub

Bereit für die Bike-Tour deiner Träume?

Erlebe individuelle Bike-Abenteuer mit deinem privaten Guide

  • Privater Bikespaß nur für dich und deine Lieben
  • Individuelle Tourenplanung zu den schönsten Ecken der Region
  • wertvolle Tipps von deinem privaten Guide zum richtigen Umgang mit deinem Bike

3 Gründe, weshalb dein Kind einen Bike-Kurs besuchen sollte

  • Stärkung der motorischen Fähigkeiten, des Gleichgewichtssinns, der Reaktionsfähigkeit, Ausdauer & Koordination
  • Sicherer Umgang mit Bike & Umgebung beim Radfahren
  • Hoher Spaß- und Erlebnisfaktor

Bike dich glücklich & gesund

  • Warum Biken so gesund ist
  • Steigerung der Fitness & des Wohlbefindens
  • Ausschüttung von Belohnungs- und Glückshormonen

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