Car sharing for Pfaffenhofen

Affordable, sustainable, close to you

We believe that a modern company thinks and acts beyond its own four walls. So, we’re pleased to be able to contribute to sustainable mobility in and around Pfaffenhofen with our new WS eCar Sharing project.

The idea

For those who do not want to own a car or buy a second car, there is the option of renting an electric car (Tesla Model 3 or Model Y) in Pfaffenhofen for excursions or other activities. Sustainable, modern and flexible – that is the philosophy of our company! Our corporate culture is one that embraces co-development, holistic responsibility and a positive view of people coupled with a mindful and sustainable approach.

How it works

Are you interested in taking advantage of our car sharing offer? Then simply register online. Once activated and trained on how to use the Tesla and the Tesla app, you can book your car independently and go green.

Tariff models

Tarife in € Monatl. Grundpreis Preis pro h Preis pro km
Flex 0,00 3,60 0,24
Eco 7,20 3,00 0,18
Pro 36,00 2,40 0,12

The prices include VAT and all operating costs. The cars are insured with a deductible of 2 thousand euros.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about car sharing or would like to arrange a test drive, just get in touch with Hannes Waldhart.