One week in the life of a ski instructor

What actually happens behind the scenes at a ski school? What does the everyday life of a ski instructor look like? Our team colleagues Chantal and Anna had the chance to get a taste of the everyday life of a ski instructor at the Hochzeiger ski school last week.

Anna and Chantal were welcomed to their trial week on Sunday by the friendly and good-humoured ski instructors at the Hochzeiger and were able to experience the allocation of the course participants live.

In the following days, Anna and Chantal were fully committed on the slopes. They supported the ski instructors in the children's area during the various exercises and games with various aids such as hoops, poles and small jumps.

The biggest challenge for Anna was the interaction with the children from the Netherlands, as she had to overcome a language barrier. Chantal was a little afraid at first not to lose sight of the lively children in Kinderland. However, both quickly overcame these worries and were a real support for the ski instructors and the children.

They both found the atmosphere at the Hochzeiger ski school very warm. The team was friendly and the children had a lot of fun in the course. For Chantal it was a great experience to see the progress of her participants and to accompany the children on their first steps in the snow. Anna is proud that she was able to help the children overcome their fears and improve their skills on the slopes.

Chantal and Anna were impressed by the practical use of the digital tools WS SPORTS, WS SPORTS Mobil and mySports, which made their work easier and their lessons even more effective. For them, the week at Hochzeiger was a welcome change from everyday office life - an experience they would like to repeat.

We would like to thank the Hochzeiger Ski School for the good cooperation and the valuable impressions Anna and Chantal were able to gain as ski instructors.


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Desiree Korath
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