New addition to the consulting team: 3 questions for Chantal Bergant

Since March 2023, Chantal Bergant has been strengthening the sales team with her many years of experience as an account manager at WS. We asked the sporty Tyrolean 3 questions!

Our colleague Chantal Bergant has been an employee at Waldhart Software for 4.5 years and has since been providing expert support to our customers on the phone, by email or in person at on-site training sessions on all questions relating to our products. In the last few weeks, however, the customer support team has had to be strong, because Chantal has decided on an exciting professional development: Since March 2023, Chantal has been part of the three-person sales team and has been working for our customers in the regions of Salzburg, Vorarlberg, Lower and Upper Austria, Germany and internationally.

For WS, it is always a success when employees want to develop internally within the company and get to know new areas. We wish Chantal much joy in her exciting tasks as a customer advisor, and asked our sporty and adventurous colleague a few professional and personal questions at the start.

Hand on heart: What made you switch from customer service to customer advisory? 

I am looking forward to being on the road more and taking on new challenges. I also find the personal customer contact on site an exciting part of my new tasks as a counsellor.

You have been part of the WS team for about 4.5 years now and have already been involved in many WS events and exciting projects. What has been your personal highlight so far?

Phew, that's a difficult question! I would definitely say the WS Days in general, that's always a highlight. And our three-day team excursion to Hallstatt for our company anniversary last June was a great event!

You are very sporty in your free time - whether it's skiing, swimming, playing tennis or volleyball. If you could introduce one sport as a compulsory subject at school, what would it be and why? 

Definitely volleyball. It's simply fun and a team sport that you can do virtually anywhere and at any time - whether indoors or on a sand court in the summer or even on the beach...


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Johanna Bernhart
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