Flash interview with Desiree

Get to know our colleague Desiree better in a flash interview!

Our colleague Desiree Korath celebrated her 6th company anniversary during the WS Days. As an experienced account manager and project manager in the field of web design, Desiree has become an indispensable part of the WS team. She is highly appreciated by her colleagues not only for her professionalism and accuracy, but also because she is always happy to take part in joint activities outside the office such as tobogganing, törggelen and hiking.

We conducted an interview of a somewhat different kind with Desiree - in the form of a quick question-and-answer game in which she had to quickly decide between two options without thinking twice.


Home office or company?
If I have to choose - company. Although the peace and quiet of a home office is also great, e.g. when texting.

A day of skiing together or Törggelen with colleagues?
Perfect combination: Törggelen and hiking.

Music at work or meditative silence?
We always have music playing in the office, but at home it's also nice to work in a concentrated way without music.

Post-it or note in the editor?
Note in the editor, but privately I use a classic calendar.

Early bird or night owl?
I'm a lark and get up at 6 a.m. or earlier so that I can get fit and read at leisure before work.

Snack you bring yourself or meat sandwich?
Healthy lunch that you bring yourself.

By public transport to work or carpooling?
I prefer to take the train because then I can take a short walk to the station. I find taking the train before/after work relaxing.