In the airline industry, dynamic pricing has long been standard practice: the airline industry paved the way for dynamic pricing strategies. In recent years, more and more industries such as hospitality, gastronomy, and ride-hailing services like…

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Boost your ski school's success with Dynamic Pricing: Learn how flexible pricing strategies can lead to increased revenue, optimal capacity planning, and a clear competitive advantage for your ski school.

Ski school instructors try out the VR goggles on the piste in Arosa

In the digital age, Virtual Reality (VR) is gaining increasing importance and is being utilized in more and more industries. Ski schools can also benefit from this development. During a workshop at the WS Days in Arosa, the potential of VR…

Mockup of the chat function of the ski instructor app

With our new chat feature, you simplify your work routine and simultaneously strengthen the connection between your guests and your ski school!

Ski course in Ischgl

With the ski season fast approaching, we have exciting news to make the booking experience even easier for your customers. We are delighted to announce the latest updates to our classification videos, which will allow your guests to effortlessly…

Workshop Redaktionsplan bei den WS Days 2022 in Arosa

With an editorial plan, you ensure ongoing contact with your guest for an entire year. At the WS Days 2022 in Arosa, we created a marketing plan for ski schools together with the WS community at the workshop "Your editorial plan".

Andreas Raich

Andreas Raich has already joined the WS team in February 2020. The computer science student is eagerly working on the further development of our core product WS Sports. Learn more about Andreas and his ambition.

Natalie Höpperger training

The powerlifter from Rum has been with Waldhart Software since February. She refreshes the development team with her cheerfulness and eagerness to learn.

We present Natalie Höpperger, what she does with us and why she is so good at it, you can read…

Distribution of online turnover by region

A difficult season marked by the Corona pandemic is drawing to a close. From a sales volume of 40 MILLION in the previous year's season, sales plummeted to 12 MILLION in the 2020/21 season. Virtually all regions were affected - with one exception.

Bernhard Walter - Technical Manager Waldhart Software

His passions - curling, motorcycling, fishing and the mountains. His job - technical manager at Waldhart Software. His name - Walter. Bernhard Walter. His mission - continuous improvement and development of our software products.

Ski school customers worldwide - Waldhart Software

Since the beginning of this year, ski schools have been able to send their customers an electronic ticket on their smartphone.


Kick-off WS Sports bei Faszinatour in Haiming 2016

Over the past few years, we've been working with great customers in the summer outdoor sports space to develop a great product: WS SPORTS. WS SPORTS is a booking system, registration checkout and resource management all in one. We would like to…