#5 These Benefits Dynamic Pricing Brings to Your Ski School

Boost your ski school's success with Dynamic Pricing: Learn how flexible pricing strategies can lead to increased revenue, optimal capacity planning, and a clear competitive advantage for your ski school.

Dynamic pricing is an innovative pricing policy where prices are flexibly adjusted based on factors like demand, season, booking time, and availability. This method is increasingly being successfully implemented across various industries and offers significant advantages for ski schools as well.

In line with our vision of collaborative development, we have further developed WS Sports so that your ski school can benefit from dynamic pricing this winter. Find out now how and why implementing dynamic pricing in your ski school is profitable.

Revenue and Profit Increase for Your Ski School

More Flexible Prices for Increased Revenue

Dynamic pricing allows you to adjust prices flexibly based on high and low seasons as well as booking lead times. This means higher prices can be achieved during peak seasons or for last-minute bookings.

Your Advantage:

  • Higher prices for the same offering.

Your Benefit:

  • A higher contribution margin per participant and course leads to a significant increase in total revenue and profit for your ski school.

Better Planning through Early Bookings

Incentives for Early Bookings

Dynamic pricing can create incentives for customers to book early. This leads to better planning and capacity utilization for your ski school.

Your Advantage:

  • You receive early information on how many instructors are needed on specific days.

Your Benefit:

  • Optimized resource planning and the ability to organize additional instructors if needed, making your operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Automation of Price Adjustments

Time and Cost Savings through Automated Pricing Rules

With dynamic pricing, you can set up a pricing rule system that calculates discounts on the maximum price based on time, ensuring that a defined minimum price is never undercut.

Your Advantages:

  • Saving time and costs for price management.
  • Avoiding errors and ensuring that price updates are not forgotten.

Your Benefit:

  • Your pricing model runs on autopilot, allowing you to focus on other important tasks without having to manually adjust prices constantly.

Improved Comparability and Competitive Advantages

Attractive Teaser Prices for More Attention

Dynamic pricing allows you to always display the lowest "from-price", with the actual amount being calculated only upon selecting a start date. This generates attention for your products and attracts potential customers.

Your Advantages:

  • The apparent prices seem significantly cheaper than the actual prices and those of the competition.
  • More differentiation opportunities between ski schools, as a pure price comparison is no longer easily possible.

Your Benefit:

  • Your ski school stands out with attractive offers, leading to a higher booking rate and more customers.

Will Your Next Winter Be Dynamic?

Dynamic pricing offers numerous benefits for your ski school, from increasing revenue and profit to better planning, automating price adjustments, and creating competitive advantages. By introducing this innovative pricing policy, you increase your efficiency, make your offerings more attractive to customers, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

We are highly motivated to take this important step towards dynamic pricing with you and continue to innovate together.

 Now is the perfect time to implement dynamic pricing in your online shop and reap the benefits for your ski school.

Online webinar. Get started with dynamic pricing in WS SPORTS

In our free online webinar, we will explain the new feature in WS SPORTS and show you how to implement dynamic pricing in your ski school in just a few steps. Learn how dynamic prices are displayed in your online shop and the competitive advantage you gain from it.

 Friday, July 19, 2024
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
You can find the link to join the webinar here.


About the author

Christian Petter
Christian Petter
Hardly anyone knows the procedures and processes in a ski school as well as he does: Christian Petter, head of the sales team and consultant for our Swiss customers. He has been a member of the WS team for more than 20 years and was instrumental in the development of the WS Sports ski school software. Christian got to know our managing director Hannes Waldhart during his studies at the University of Linz. There they not only attended some lectures together, but also the odd party. Christian is appreciated by his colleagues not only because of his many years of experience and expertise, but also because he has a good sense of humour and is always motivated and in a good mood during team events or skiing days.