Distribution of online turnover by region

A difficult season marked by the Corona pandemic is drawing to a close. From a sales volume of 40 MILLION in the previous year's season, sales plummeted to 12 MILLION in the 2020/21 season. Virtually all regions were affected - with one exception.

Online stores region distribution season 2019/20

Our forecast for the 2019/20 season that the ski schools would create 40 million euros in online sales has come true. However, the result could have been even better by far if the Corona virus had not caused the season to end so abruptly. In the…

Online shop sales in regional comparison October 2019

Do you like statistics?

I think many hate them when they have to create some themselves. But some like to read them. So, if you're not interested in number crunching, please don't read on. I have evaluated the numbers of our online stores from…

Regional distribution online stores January 2018

Our online stores increased their sales by 29% compared with the previous year.

Number of online stores per region 2017

February 2017 brought nice increases for all ski schools that are bookable online. On average, it was a plus of 30.73%. However, the Swiss ski schools were outstanding this time. They achieved the largest increase in sales with plus 48.43 %. 

Sales increase online stores autumn 2016

The online stores of the ski schools are doing very well. Targets that were valid for the entire season a few years ago are now already being achieved in November.

Online store sales in summer 2016

Great news again from the Waldhart online stores.

Online store sales 2015/16 season

Waldhart Software's online stores have surpassed the EUR 20 million mark this winter season. This means an increase of 42% from EUR 14 to 20 million.

Overview sales online stores 2016

What's new to report from the online stores? The increase in sales is already normal. 26% more sales with 11% more bookings.

Sales online stores February 2015

Waldhart Software has evaluated the figures of online stores from February 2015.

Online sales December 2014

At the halfway point of this year's winter season, we have evaluated the figures of our online stores. Online bookings are always a preview of how the season will go. They have fulfilled this task again this year.

Online shops region comparison April 2014

It can happen that fast: With our international customers, the frequency of bookings is increasing rapidly.