Resilience in the workplace: how we can strengthen our health through mental training

At Waldhart Software, the focus is not only on innovative software for ski schools, but also on the well-being of our employees. With this in mind, we launched our health initiative in the new year with a special highlight: adult trainer Alfred Mühl showed us how to deal with stressful situations at work and in our personal lives in small group mental training sessions.

A key to mental fitness

Mental training is not just a trend for us, but a crucial key to increasing our mental fitness. It aims to shape our thinking, strengthen our emotional intelligence and consciously influence us in a positive way. Through targeted mental training, we not only learn how to deal with stressful situations, but also improve our concentration, creativity and decision-making skills.

Health as the basis for top performance

Health trainers Alfred Mühl and Roland Wegscheider from Xund im Leben have been with us for some time now. The two trainers make us aware of the importance of personal health and provide us with specific tools to help us cope better with life's challenges.

We are convinced that only those who take comprehensive care of their physical and mental health will be able to perform at their best and do good for others in the long term.

Stress management and team spirit

At a time when the demands of work and private life are constantly increasing, dealing with stress is becoming an important skill. In his mental training, Alfred Mühl not only gave us the tools to defuse stressful situations, but also sensitized us to how our posture, facial expressions and gestures influence our mood and how we affect others.

In our training, we paid particular attention to team spirit in order to learn how we can support each other in stressful and emotionally challenging moments.

One of the things we learned: it's often the little things that make a big difference - such as a smile. 

Looking forward to further training sessions

We would like to thank Alfred Mühl for the valuable tips and the inspiring training. We are already looking forward to more exciting topics that will help us to grow not only professionally but also personally and to promote our health holistically.

With this in mind: stay healthy and full of energy! 


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