Reinforcements for Our Development Team: How Michelle Found Her Job at Waldhart Software

In this blog post, find out how our new Junior Frontend Developer and UI/UX Designer, Michelle, discovered Waldhart Software and what she thinks about working with us.


Even though we lack the statistics to prove it, we can say with a high degree of certainty that no other year has seen as many delicious homemade cakes sweetening the coffee breaks of Waldhart Software employees as the past year, 2023.

One significant reason for the frequent cake parties at Waldhart Software was the numerous new additions that were celebrated this year. In total, 7 new colleagues joined Waldhart Software in 2023, strengthening the team of now 33 members in the areas of customer support, customer consulting, and development.

At the same time, everyone is talking about how challenging it is nowadays to find new and dedicated employees. In the jungle of countless job portals, carefully crafted job listings often get lost. Therefore, Waldhart Software has set itself the goal of actively and personally reaching out to future employees.

Active Search for Young Talents in Software Development and Support

That's why our team leader, Marion Walch, visited the Ferrarischule and HL West in Innsbruck in the spring of 2023 to present possible career prospects at Waldhart Software to students in a personal presentation.

Among the attendees of the presentation at Ferrari was Michelle Rottensteiner, whose interest was piqued. A few months later, Michelle came for a trial work day in Pfaffenhofen and spent a day with our development team, leaving a very positive impression.

Michelle's Entry into Waldhart Software

Today, Michelle has been a part of the development team for 5 months and is already working on exciting projects as a Junior Frontend Developer and UI/UX Designer. She is very satisfied with her decision to start her professional career at Waldhart Software right after completing her education at Ferrarischule with a focus on media design:

I wanted to do something practical and gain work experience right after school. Marion's presentation about Waldhart Software appealed to me because I find web design very exciting. My interest in design was sparked earlier. At the age of 13, I decided to attend Ferrari Mediendesign and work in the design field. I simply enjoy creative, graphic work.

At 19, Michelle is the youngest member of the development team. She feels that the collaboration with her more experienced colleagues is going well:

I was warmly welcomed into the team. My colleagues are always there for me when I have questions, and the shared lunch breaks are great. Even before I started at WS, I was invited to a team event in August – at 36 degrees, we played an escape game together in Innsbruck, searching for a criminal! Although I was a bit nervous, it was a great opportunity to get to know my future colleagues.

Michelle particularly enjoys the variety in her work at Waldhart Software. She can both program and design, making her daily work very diverse.

Michelle's work has already borne fruit - she has, for example, adapted the reference pages of our online shops to our corporate design: 

Tips from Michelle for Future Applicants

For jobseekers who are passionate about web design and aspire to enter the field as developers, Michelle has the following tips:

I included a portfolio of my graphic work along with the standard application documents. Additionally, my application had many design elements. My advice is also to be open to the industry or the specific focus of the company: a few months ago, I wouldn't have thought of working in a software company that develops software for ski schools. And now, I really like it!

We are delighted to have Michelle on our team and are confident that she will encounter many exciting projects and learning opportunities with us!


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