Our recipe for success for efficient teamwork

The Waldhart Software team has grown continuously in recent years. As the size of the company increases, efficient and productive collaboration becomes ever more important. But how does successful teamwork really work? In this blog post, long-standing employee Desiree Korath introduces her colleagues Johanna Bernhart and Beate Schrattmaier and reveals the content and marketing team's secret recipe for a positive team spirit.

I am delighted to have Johanna Bernhart and Beate Schrattmaier at my side - two people with whom creative exchange is not only fun, but also achieves immediate results.


Johanna Bernhart has been part of our team for over a year now and has immediately thrown herself into creating our editorial plan for ski schools with great enthusiasm. In addition to newsletter marketing, Johanna is particularly interested in projects where she has a lot of creative scope for realisation. Johanna's creativity is fuelled by the lively exchange with her colleagues - especially within the content and marketing team. In her free time, the German studies graduate enjoys sports - she spends most of her time hiking, mountain biking or on her yoga mat.

For Johanna, communication at eye level, mutual appreciation and the ability to take criticism are important factors for positive teamwork:

“For me, good teamwork is characterised by very good communication and appreciative and respectful interaction with one another. I also think it's important to be able to take criticism as a team player and see mutual feedback on an equal footing as an opportunity for further development. As a content and marketing team, we are characterised by a very good working atmosphere - we are always very productive and goal-oriented in meetings and brainstorming sessions, but at the same time we also have a lot of fun at work and motivate each other.”


Beate Schrattmaier has been with us since October 2023 and supports us with her expertise in marketing. With her open and friendly manner, she quickly integrated into the team. Beate brings a great deal of creativity with her, because as a graphic designer she loves to create visually appealing content. Beate loves to spend her free time with friends in the countryside or eating together. As a foodie, the cheese dumpling at the mountain hut is just as important to Beate as the breathtaking view.

For Beate, the key to successful teamwork is mutual support:

“Although we haven't been working together as a trio for very long, we already complement each other very well. Each of us brings different specialisms to the team, which allows us to learn from each other and grow together. If someone gets bogged down in work, we are there for each other and support each other. We can laugh together, but also get straight back to work with full commitment.”


I am looking forward to the exciting projects that lie ahead of us and to how we will develop our team and our expertise together. With these great colleagues at my side, I am sure that we will achieve a lot.


About the author

Desiree Korath
Desiree Korath
Content manager Desiree has been enriching the WS team with her motivation, structured approach to work, and thirst for knowledge for over 6 years. Her expertise in web design and SEO serves her well in the daily tasks of designing and optimizing websites. She particularly enjoys brainstorming sessions over a cup of coffee with her teammates. As an avid reader, she dives into the world of content marketing and discusses new insights within the team. With dedication, she crafts blog posts, designs newsletters, and adds that individual touch to website content.