WS at the JavaScript Days 2024 in Munich

The WS Web and Frontend team attended the JavaScript Days in Munich for the first time this year and was able to attend many exciting workshops on the programming languages Javascript/TypeScirpt and the Angular Framework.

After an enjoyable journey, we arrived at the Seminar Hotel Holiday Inn Munich - Unterhaching on Wednesday, the 20th of March 2024, just before 9 o'clock and were able to start the individual workshops right after check-in.

Michelle and Natalie commenced the training with the Workshop Making Angular Apps Smarter with Generative AI: Locally and Offline-capable, where they implemented a chatbot capable of answering questions about a dynamic TODO list. Christoph and Max began a workshop on Introducing State Management with NgRx into an Application, where they received input on state management in Angular apps.
After a short lunch break with good food and exchange about the previously attended workshops, all four attended the workshop Architectures for Your Large Angular Applications: Monorepos and Micro Frontends with Standalone Components and Signals, focusing mainly on monorepos and the associated technical prerequisites and challenges.

Subsequently, we returned to our hotel, which was only a few minutes away, and then went for a delicious dinner in Munich.

The next day, we had a hearty breakfast at the hotel, and then returned to the seminar hotel, where Natalie and Max attended the workshop Change Detection and Runtime Performance Optimization, focusing mainly on increasing performance through runtime optimizations. Meanwhile, Michelle and Christoph attended the workshop Website Performance in the Browser - Why is my site slow, and what do I do about it?, where they learned how excessive HTML and CSS, as well as JavaScript, can slow down websites.

After lunch, the four developers attended the final workshop of the conference together, Angular Initial Load Performance Optimization, which focused on improving performance through optimizations when loading a page, building on the morning workshop.

All in all, it was two very informative days, from which we could take away a lot for our work on our new system. So now, it's time to re-evaluate previously applied concepts in our daily work to further enhance the quality of our code, as well as to implement and apply newly learned strategies. This training has not only advanced us professionally but also brought us closer together as a team.


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Natalie Höpperger
Natalie Höpperger
Natalie has been working for Waldhart Software as a web developer and graphic designer for more than three years. When she's not programming new features for the online shop or the customer portal or designing new websites, she also writes the odd blog post. Teamwork is particularly important to her, which is why she also likes to take over the planning and organisation of a team event.