Nature, Enjoyment, and Team Spirit: Hike to the Untermarkter Alm

After a long period of rain and gray weather, the moment finally arrived – just in time for the customer service team's outing, a beautifully sunny day emerged. We seized the opportunity of the lovely weather and opted for a hike with a shared lunch at the Untermarkter Alm in Hoch-Imst.

Our excursion began on the Mushroom Educational Trail, which provided us the chance to refresh our knowledge about the diverse mushroom species in the region. A first highlight of our journey was the moment we reached the stunning backdrop of the reservoir. The radiant sun mirrored itself on the glistening water, and we couldn't help but take out our smartphones and snap a few photos as evidence. After all, the world should know that we are not only software specialists but also nature enthusiasts! 

The hearty lunch at UALM was not only a culinary delight but also an opportunity to get to know our new team colleague, Marlen, better.

A special thanks goes to Martin Winkler, the innkeeper of Untermarkter Alm, who surprised us not only with his hospitality but also with a bottle of Rosé Prosecco. The excellent hospitality at UALM will stay in our memories for a long time.

Our team event in Hoch-Imst was a complete success. We savored the beauty of nature and the chance to relax, all while bonding our team closer together.

We enjoyed the afternoon so much that we've decided to come back soon! For our next excursion to Hoch-Imst, we already have plans to take a ride on the Alpine Coaster – the longest alpine roller coaster in the world.


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Desiree Korath
Desiree Korath
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