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  • How can I create a new item in WS Sports and what do I have to consider?
  • Where can I create and print different sales reports? 
  • How can I send a newsletter to my employees?

The WS Helpdesk is available day and night to answer questions about your ski school software, the app for your ski instructors, your online shop and your website, as well as the Numbirds newsletter tool

Here you will find instructions and video tutorials that provide you with helpful information on all your products.

Your printer is giving you trouble? Check out the Helpdesk for useful tips on care, maintenance and printer troubleshooting.

Some questions come up again and again. That's why we've put together a comprehensive collection of common questions and answers.
Simply enter your question or topic in the search field and the matching results will be displayed.

Are there instructions and tutorials that you miss in our online help? We welcome your feedback and will be happy to update and expand the helpdesk.

Of course, our support team will continue to assist you in the daily use of your products and can be reached by phone, e-mail or contact form:

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Marion Walch
Marion Walch
Marion heads the customer support team, placing her in close proximity to all the issues that matter to our clients. She has been part of the WS team for over 9 years and has contributed to many significant milestones of the company. Despite having a busy schedule, she makes it a point to spend her lunch break with her colleagues, engaging in some light conversation.