Write and design better newsletters

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In this training we will give you practical tips on how to write and design successful newsletters without much effort.

How do I write and design successful newsletters for my guests and staff?

In this training you will learn how to formulate your next newsletter convincingly and design it beautifully. 

Desiree and Johanna give you tips for the perfect subject and the right salutation and explain what else belongs in a good newsletter. 

Using an example newsletter, which will be optimised step by step in the course of the training, all the important components of a newsletter will be scrutinised. How do I use call-to-action buttons sensibly? How do I formulate texts so that they arouse curiosity? What do I have to bear in mind when designing the newsletter? 

In addition, there are concrete tips on how to sensibly limit recipient lists and what else needs to be considered before sending a newsletter.

Date 11.10.2023, 3 p. m.