La scola da sport da neiv Sedrun - New website for snow sports school Sedrun

"Cordial beinvegni tier la scola da sport da neiv" reads the new website of the Swiss Snowsports School Sedrun. Sedrun is located in the upper Vorderrhein valley and is one of the few regions in the Alps that still retains its traditional language roots.

What appears to be an incomprehensible mix of words for foreigners is still a living language here and in this case means "Welcome to the Snowsports School Sedrun".

Waldhart Software would also like to extend a warm welcome to the Snowsports School Sedrun with its new website. Of course, the website guests in Sedrun also benefit from the easy-to-use online shop - it only takes a few seconds from the first click to the booked ski course.

Incidentally, the Rhaeto-Romanic or "Romansh" language is still actively spoken in everyday use in the Vorderrheintal. But don't worry - most ski instructors in Sedrun grow up directly multilingual and can often switch fluently between several languages thanks to their linguistic heritage.

We wish the Swiss snow sports school a great ski winter!


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