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    The mobile app for ski instructors

WS Sports Mobile


The App for Ski Instructors

The mobile app by Waldhart Software makes it possible to access the system with your smartphone. The result is an innovative cooperation between the employees in the office and the employees on the ski pistes. The ski instructors can independently inform on their courses, confirm them on their mobile and deliver their reports irrespective of their location. A single approach without paper chaos. The team supports the ski school manager to optimally organise the ski school.

(Noldi Heiz, ski school manager in Arosa, Switzerland)


  • Call up and change master data of skiing instructors
  • Enter availabilities
  • Show and confirm courses
  • Show and confirm tasks
  • Show and confirm settled hours
  • Reports made on the piste, scanning of tickets with the camera phone
  • Organise guest races:
    • List of starters, timing, results list
  • Save important phone numbers
  • Manuals
  • Calendar and requirements for area managers
  • Complete the course of instruction and document progress
  • Saving pictures of participants taken by instructors
  • Entering of new bookings and prolongation of private courses
  • Easy completion of accident reports


    • Direct and fast communication between the ski instructor and the ski school
    • Transparency: ski instructors get more insight
    • Confirmations are automatically integrated into WS Sports and displayed
    • Saving of time
    • Information is available everywhere
    • Better control thanks to the principle that four eyes see more than two

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