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    The software package for ski schools and outdoor companies

WS Sports

for Ski Schools

A lot of data, from course bookings to invoices, the allocation of skiing instructors, to the list of starters for the final ski races, has to be maintained in ski schools.

Over the last 20 years, Waldhart Software has developed an elaborated software package in cooperation with numerous snow sports schools, which supports and optimises the complex work processes in ski schools.  

In addition to being simple to use, the software can be individually configured – a big advantage of the software: our software can be tailored precisely to your ski school’s needs. 

for Outdoor Companies

Outdoor companies are often smaller companies that offer particularly flexible and individual services. The  administration of this range of services is particularly  complex. 

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of winter sports and a thorough examination of the trends in summer tourism, Waldhart Software was able to develop a first-class software solution meeting the demands of the outdoor sector.

The conclusive set-up of the functions essentially facilitates the coordination of your employees and resources.


  • Sales, billing and ticket printing
  • Personnel planning with a well-structured calendar
  • Group assignment and organisation
  • Address database for customers, skiing instructors, hotels, tour operators and partners
  • Time recording for employees, skiing instructors, snowboard instructors, coaches
  • Information tool for smartphones
  • Online shop


WS Sports can be operated in the following languages

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Czech
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Russian
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    Sales Module

    With the sales module you can print out all tickets for the guests and generate all invoices.

    • Freely configurable courses and tickets
    • User-friendly sales interface
    • Fast ticket printing
    • Cancellation option
    • Journal log
    • Daily schedule requirements
    • Daily, monthly and seasonal accounts
    • Event announcement
    • Address database of guests, travel agents and hotels
    • Voucher settlement
    • Bookings, offers
    • Accessing payment terminals
    • Interfaces:
      • Pepper
      • Fiskal Printer


    Detailed information about the booked courses and the number of registered people.

    • Insight into all sales
    • Detailed search of sales incl. online bookings
    • Contacting of ski instructors and guests


    Ski instructors can make their reports directly on their smartphone with a barcode scanner or the WS Sports Mobile. They check the validity of the tickets and give an account of their working day.

    • Ski instructors report with barcode scanner or smartphone
    • Ski instructor accounting
    • Extensive control functions
    • Direct registration of the snow sports instructors with the respective health insurance
    • Information about all daily participants sorted by ability level and meeting point


    A clearly-structured calendar shows you whether a ski instructor is teaching a group or private guests. You can use the calendar to manage the schedule and to keep track of everything.

    • Rough allocation of ski instructors
    • Availability of the ski instructors, individually and in total
    • Information system for ski instructors
    • Print out of allocation lists
    • Prognosis for grouping
    • Notifications for guests

    Guest Races

    The software provides you with the data for the working hours records as well as the list of starters for the weekly guest race.

    • List of starters and certificate print for the guest ski race
    • Import function for time-taking systems
    • Alge Timing
    • Tag Heuer
    • Microgate
    • Brower Timing


    • Online connection
    • Online shop
    • E-mail reservation interface
    • API platform (Intersport, book2ski)
    • Experience Bank
    • ELDA
    • Opos / Axess
    • Rentmaxx
    • EasyRent
    • SportsRental
    • Mirus payroll accounting
    • Sage payroll accounting (formerly WinLohn)
    • Fidelio
    • PMS
    • Trenkwalder
    • Time Grip
    • Dialogic
    • Swiss Snow Sports, Tyrolean Ski Instructors Association, Salzburg Ski Instructors Association
    • BMD accounting


    • SMS-system for ski instructors and customers
    • Marketing tools: fast and easy sending of e-mails
    • Connection to the WS Sports Mobil ski instructor tool and the mySports customer portal
    • Interfaces:

    WS Customer Portal mySports

    In addition to WS Sports, we have developed an app for guests, with which completely new communication options become available.

    The app accompanies the guest during his course and is in addition an important instrument for customer retention.  

    With mySports, guests have all important information about the course always at hand on their smartphone – including an electronic ticket.

    Moreover, the app offers many additional features such as a rating function and the possibility to document the personal development during the course.

    Discover mySports

    Individual Configuration

    The software’s individual configuration options are its recipe for success. It perfectly adapts to your company. You continue working with your assignment methods, which you have successfully used for years, but can at the same time profit from the powerful concepts provided by other ski school managers and guides to our developers with their feedback.

    We deal with your requirements comprehensively

    • Before we can work out an individualised solution for you, we conduct together a comprehensive requirements analysis for your company.
    • Then you are introduced to the most important functions of WS Sports in an intensive training.
    • Our support team will assist you in the independent use of WS Sports.
    • You can independently upskill yourself around the clock using our extensive online help.  

    Support & Online Help

    You need help for using WS Sports? 
    Our support team is happy to help you. 

    Contact support


    Instructions, video tutorials and our manual are available at our 24/7 online help desk.

    Discover our helpdesk


    Installation Variants

    • Server installation, network connection to other PCs
    • Installation on the terminal server: access to WS Sports via RDP session
    • Cloud solution: database is hosted on external server → access via RDP session

    Supported Operating Systems

    • Microsoft Windows 10
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2016

      Hardware Requirements Workplace

      • Server or powerful PC not older than 3 years
      • 6 GB RAM
      • 3 GB free hard disk space
      • Screen resolution at least 1024 x 768
      • Depending on the installation option, stable internet connection

      Hardware Requirements Server

      • Server or powerful PC not older than 3 years
      • 6 GB RAM
      • 3 GB free hard disk space
      • Screen resolution at least 1024 x 768
      • Depending on the installation option, stable internet connection

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