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The app for guests

We have developed an app for the guests of ski schools that opens up completely new communication options.

Once opened, mySports accompanies the guests not only during their ski course, but throughout their career as skiers. The app offers electronic tickets, information and added value, privacy settings, photos, guest races and evaluation options.

Scan now

We invite you to scan the following QR code and explore the customer portal on your smartphone.


Information and Added Value

Information about the course always at hand on your smartphone

  • Date, meeting time, instruction hours of the course
  • Name and profile of the ski instructor
  • Contact information for the ski school
  • Description of the course level
  • Barcode for identification

Electronic Ticket

The customer portal acts as an electronic course ticket and at the same time answers all basic questions a customer has after booking a ski course:

  • Where do I have to go on the first day of my course?
  • When does the course start?
  • Who is my ski instructor?
  • What is the course of action?
  • What needs to be considered during the week of the course?
  • What will my child learn in the course?

Data Protection

Data protection requirements are optimally covered with the customer portal:

  • Personal data profile of each customer:
    Guests can access and edit their master data around the clock.
  • Management of data protection declarations:
    The ski school always has an overview of the guest’s consent.

Personal Development

The customer portal  accompanies the guests through their entire skiing career and documents their development.

  • Course history
  • Daily exercises (course programme)
  • Certificate for successful completion of a level
  • Feedback from the ski instructor
  • Certificate from the guest race


Information, events and notices can be viewed by the guests of the ski school at any time.

  • The guest receives an overview of the highlights of the ski school in a prominent place using the app.
  • The ski school can easily update the information at any time.
  • The ski school specifies which highlights should be displayed.
  • Examples:
    Final race, children’s disco, demonstration show, torch-light run etc.


The official photos taken during the ski course are provided to the guest directly on the smartphone.

  • The ski instructors upload the photos they take of guests during a course into the app.
  • The users can see the photos taken during the course week directly in the app.
  • The guests only see the photos of their own group/course.
  • Under the heading “Photos” the pictures can be viewed, saved and utilised for personal use.


Customer satisfaction survey

  • The guest can submit ratings in the form of stars***** in the customer portal.
  • The ratings are not public, but can only be viewed by the ski school.
  • The ski school determines the evaluation criteria.
  • In addition to the star rating, guests can leave a message.
  • The ski instructors can access their personal ratings via WS Sports Mobil.
  • There is no added value for the ski school, but ski instructors are motivated by positive feedback.

Increase in online bookings

  • The best ratings are selected using a filter function.
  • Customers who have given 5-star ratings are asked to rate the ski school on google.
  • Positive ratings in the internet increase the visibility of the ski school.
  • Good ratings increase the confidence in the ski school and increase the number of online bookings.
  • Favourable reviews are visible in the long term and are free of charge.

Are you interested in mySports?

We are happy to advise you.

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Sales Manager and Customer Service Consultant

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Customer Service Consultant

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