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Course Ticket Design

As a general partner of ski schools, Waldhart Software is happy to design your course tickets.
Alternatively, you can ask your graphic designer to devise your individual course tickets.


Ticket size: height: 114.3 mm (+ 3 mm trimming) x width: 85 mm (+ 3 mm trimming).

The tickets must have a resolution of 300 dpi.

Exactly in the middle – at 57.15 mm – the ticket is divided by perforation into a customer and ski instructor section. The upper ticket is for the guest (reverse side with liability conditions, detailed address, possibly a competition, possibly logos of sponsors – reverse side can only be printed in black and white!). The lower ticket is for the ski instructor's report. The back should be filled in completely by the guests. The date can later be transferred to WS Sports and used for marketing purposes.

The background motif or the background colour can be freely chosen. The upper section should be easy to distinguish from the lower section so that confusion and misuse are prevented. It is recommended not to use strong background colours or pictures, as the black font will then no longer be legible. Moreover, the width of the logo on the left should only be max. 2.5 cm.


  • You ask your graphic designer to create your individual course tickets or we create a design for you.
  • Having created the design, we will send it to our trusted print shop.
  • You will receive a proof from the print shop to correct and confirm the information once more.
  • The tickets will be printed and delivered directly to the ski school by our print shop. The printing costs are charged via Waldhart Software.
  • Attention: Several ski schools have their tickets printed at each print date.
  • It is absolutely necessary to submit the data in time!

Next Print Dates

  • September 2021

Course tickets can be ordered any time.

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