• Waldhart Software

WS Day 2018

5 – 7 June in the Villnösstal Valley in the Italian Tyrol

At this year’s WS Day we are dealing with the topic of “How to put your ski school in the spotlight”
With St. Magdalena at the foot of the Geislerspitzen summits we have picked a particularly beautiful place for the conference.

We will meet with the ski school head in the South Tyrol to exchange experiences and to discuss questions such as:


  • How does one stage the guest ski races better?
  • How do we motivate children and adults to warm up before the start of the course?
  • How is it possible to get a large number of viewers to visit the demo show?
  • How can we make the prize ceremony the crowning highlight of the week?


We of Waldhart Software will show you innovations regarding our software and online shop, will introduce our plans for a new customer module and are looking forward to your opinions and suggestions.


Tuesday, 5 June – Thursday, 7 June in St. Magdalena

To win time and to also enable customers with a longer journey to participate, the WS Day 2018 is split to three days.

Day 1: Tuesday, 5 June

  • Up to 7:00 p.m.: getting there and moving into the accommodation
  • Welcome and introduction to the topic
  • Dinner and exchange in the parlour of the Hotel Tyrol

Day 2: Wednesday, 6 June

  • Breakfast
  • Hiking or mountaineering tour below the Geislerspitzen summits
  • Lunch at the Geisleralm hut
  • Descent to St. Magdalena
  • Guided tour of the Nature Park House
  • News from Waldhart Software: (e.g. new functions in WS SPORTS Mobil, active data privacy, app for controlling the online shops)
  • New customer portal
  • Dinner at the Hotel Tyrol

 Day 3: Thursday, 7 June

  • Breakfast
  • Exchange on the topic events: putting the ski school in the spotlight
  • Best practice examples
  • 1:00 p.m.: lunch together at the Hotel Tyrol
  • Official end
  • Individual talks with our employees

In the later afternoon, the men from Gadertal will make a procession to the Säben cloister in St. Magdalena.


Participation Fee WS DAY

  • Overnight in a double room -> EUR 290
  • Overnight in a single room -> EUR 330
  • Overnight in the Geisler-Suite -> EUR 370
  • Including food arrangements

We are looking forward to your bookings from 15 May via our online shop.
First come, first serve.