#6 Rethinking ski school processes: from sales to allocation

The WS Days 2024 in Arosa provided us with valuable insights into the future design of ski school processes. The most important findings are summarised for you here.

Sales Process: On the Way to Ticketless Sales

We all know that the sales process in ski schools can be made more efficient. At the WS Days, the consensus was clear: ticketless sales are the future. This shift not only reduces administrative burden but also significantly enhances the customer experience.

Quota Management: Unified Solution for Maximum Efficiency

The discussion on quota management led to a clear result: A global quota is key. By having both the online shop and the POS software access the same quota, we create transparency and avoid overbooking. This allows for flexible adaptation to demand and improves planning.

The Future of Online Booking: Customer-Oriented and Efficient

The importance of targeted online booking is growing. Today, customers expect a user-friendly and efficient booking platform. Features such as waiting lists and real-time information are essential. Additionally, the offerings should be personalized to meet individual needs.

Conclusion: Ready for the Future

The WS Days 2024 showed that it's time to rethink the processes in ski schools. The ticketless sales process and global quota management are important steps in the right direction. Further development of online booking is also crucial to meet the rising expectations of guests. Now it's up to us to implement these insights and actively shape the future of the ski school industry.

Stay tuned and look forward to more exciting insights and innovations! Are you interested in optimizing the processes of your ski school? Feel free to get in touch and schedule an individual consultation with your consultant.


About the author

Christian Petter
Christian Petter
Hardly anyone knows the procedures and processes in a ski school as well as he does: Christian Petter, head of the sales team and consultant for our Swiss customers. He has been a member of the WS team for more than 20 years and was instrumental in the development of the WS Sports ski school software. Christian got to know our managing director Hannes Waldhart during his studies at the University of Linz. There they not only attended some lectures together, but also the odd party. Christian is appreciated by his colleagues not only because of his many years of experience and expertise, but also because he has a good sense of humour and is always motivated and in a good mood during team events or skiing days.