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Compliments from ski school in Oslo


Dear Hannes!

Last season was the third one in a row using the Waldhart Software. We experienced some start up challenges, but after getting more familiar to the system and better known with Waldhart as a service provider, we are becoming very pleased. I have never experienced my questions as to stupid, even though I feel they probably have been..

If I haven't been able to reach you by phone, it never takes long before someone is calling me back to help us out. I am especially pleased with the custom solutions that you are providing our skischool!

For the 14/15 season, more than 19 out of 20 sales has been booked and paid for over the Waldhart on-line shop. Besides keeping our costs down, it makes us more efficient organizing our business, focusing on sales and creativity instead of handling change. The time saved, having our customers handling their own purchases, we are able to spend making better products for our guests.

Best regards,

Gard Telje
Skiskole & Camp
Tryvann Skisenter AS

Gard Telje, Skiskole & Camp, Tryvann

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